Marine Multichannel Multiuser High-Site



This is our best selling most versatile and largest PSOIP radio system. It encompasses all of our smaller units that combine and form as big as a radio system you could want. The features are state of the art and many years of engineering went into the design. Here in Collier and Lee County we have the first operating  large-scale PSOIP System. It covers from the beginning of The Keys all the way up to Charlotte Harbor on the west coast of Florida. Some of the pieces of the system have been working for up to 20 years and we just upgraded those old workhorse systems to merge with the big PSOIP.

The PSOIP System will allow multiple users to talk on multiple channels at the same time. It records all calls made from the system. It utilizes virtual marine hubs on the internet for access as well as access via commercial DMR mobiles and handhelds. You can talk on all marine channels from any remote unit. Multiple agencies and companies can use the system at once. We currently have granted access to four towboat companies, two law enforcement agencies, and two private companies.

The system pays for itself by clients who charter its use. There are multiple uses for this system. Each chartered client uses it for a different purpose.  Here is a short breakdown of how its use for different entities.

  •  Towboat US  uses the system to dispatch its towboats and relays for the Coast Guard when the Coast Guard can’t hear calls through their system.
  •  Marco Island Police Department utilizes the system to talk to boaters who require police assistance on the water.
  •  Capri Fire and Rescue has access to the system to talk to boaters who may need fire or medical help.
  •  Collier County Sheriff’s agency and 911 also has access to the system to hear boaters who call for help and dispatch the correct agency
  •  Homeland Security also has access to the system to listen in case of a disaster and hear  what is happening live.
  •  Local news and television  stations are also listening and can report on stories as they happen. They can listen to towing calls or Coast Guard rescue lives. They can also broadcast the live stream right to your television.

 This system can have an optional Geo fence installed to help locate your boats and  to dispatch the closest one. It will also allow you to keep track of their progress that is displayed on a map of the area.


  • Talk On Marine Radio From Anywhere
  • Have Private Communications with All Your Fleet
  • Change To Any Marine Channel Remotely
  • Turn Your Base Radio Into A Completely Remote Controlled Radio
  • Be On Your Boat But Hear Signals Like You Were On Your Base Radio
  • Marinas Can Talk To Boats Far Away While Using A Hand Held On The Dock For Scheduling
  • Record All Conversations That Are Aired Or Received.
  • Listen To Events Previously Recorded As Legal Reminder Of What Occurred (For Salvage Or Legal Purposes)
  • Turn Communication Over To Anyone You Choose They Simply Need A PC, Application and A Password .They can also use one of the other devices listed below.
  • Sell Air Time And Re-Coupe Your Investment On Your System To Locals Who Need Access To Marine Radio
  • Get Your Clients To Join Your Radio Group For Instant Access To Your Services
  • Get Your Clients To Join Your Group For Instant Access To Marine Safety Information
  • Multi User Capable 911 Dispatch Can Now Work On The Water To Disperse The Proper Agency Utilizing Your PSOIP System.
  • Establish One Communications Person For A Large Area And Network Radios systems Together creating a network and Saving Manpower
  • Resorts Can Now Connect Directly To Another Resort Location Anywhere In The World For Either Marine Or Private Communications
  • Anyone Can Call Their people that are boating or  Fishing On Their PC Or Phone Over The Marine Radio Without Putting An Antenna On Their  House
  • In Fact Anyone Can Call Their Boat Thru The System With Out An Antenna At Their House
  • Talk All Over The Lake From A Small Hand Held. Talk From Your Cell Phone To Any Two Way Radio. Talk To And From Your Two Way Radio To Your Home Phone
  • Create Timed Over The Air Messaging
  • Get Data or Work Orders Directly Texted To Your Boat
  • Coordinate Events From Anywhere
  • Create Networks Of Sites To Monitor Large Coast Lines
  • Monitor And Talk From Anywhere In The World To Your Site
  • Turns Any PC Or Tablet Into A Communications Device
  • Access The Higher Marine Radio From Anywhere Around The Office Or Marina
  • Create Wireless Communications From Main House To Boat House And Beyond
  • Be At The Store Getting Supplies And Still Be Able To Answer A Marine Radio Call
  • Can Be Installed By You, Your Radio Guy Or The Factory
  • Multiple Agencies Can Monitor Traffic At The Same Time
  • Connect Systems Together Simply Like Dialing A Phone
  • Clients Can Talk To Their Boats From Home To The Boat Even When They Are Out Of Cell Range.

The price is determined by first having an engineering study of the client’s location and meet with them to discuss the features and activities that will be expected by the system.  Please contact ED2 directly to get started. Use our Contact Us page to email or call and ask for our Sales Manager. 

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This model uses ROIP to piece together multiple High Site Systems and Extra Channel (Model CW16OEC) Sites to form one large site that can span a whole coast if necessary.



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