Public Safety Over Internet Protocol


 What is PSOIP

PSOIP is an acronym for Public Safety Over Internet Protocol. Electronic Design & Development Corp (ED2) has developed an open source technology that connects marine  equipment with the internet to be operated from computers, cell phones, tablets or commercial two-way radio.  We have collaborated with Tow Boat US Cape Coral, Tow Boat US Naples, Tow Boat US Key Largo, Tow Boat US Pine Island, Marco Island Police Department, Collier County Sheriff Department, Homeland Security, FCC, DEA, and Collier and Lee County. We have successfully created and installed the first PSOIP System in the world. Currently operational in Lee and Collier counties.(Thanks Everyone) If you would like to get involved please contact ED2.

Making a radio system that communicates over the water to agencies on land is difficult and expensive. However all the agencies have one thing in common, they all need access  to the marine environment via a public/private  radio system.   Since all marine agencies and businesses need  good coverage on their marine radio (or what is called a high site radio), why not make it pay for itself by letting others use it as well. A high site requires a tall building or tower near a coast line. The rental of the site and the equipment is expensive and complicated.  ED2 has invented a way to grant such access and share the cost among the different agencies. We call it PSOIP.

Who Needs a PSOIP System

Anyone who has the need to communicate in the marine environment. In the marine environment The Coast Guard specifically want boater to use the VHF radio rather than Cellular telephone. The Coast Guard is not always the correct person or agency to call for help on the water.

Why Does Everyone Need A PSOIP System in Their Community

  • Public safety is needed whenever you are in a coastal community
  • Monitor the radio of your small towing company during the day and at night let your other captains monitor it utilizing a PSOIP System  – it’s a snap!
  • News or cable companies can monitor the PSOIP System for real time coverage of a marine rescue or event (see News/Cable Company Page)
  • There is always a problem with communications  such as:
  • What type of radio, coax or antenna do I need for optimal communications
  • What type of license do I need to be able to communicate legally
  • Multiple agencies can now communicate on the water
  • Individuals can communicate on the water to boats
  • You can communicate to people when they are offshore out of cell range
  • Marinas and commercial assistance businesses can also communicate on the water
  • Every one that needs to talk can get access to a marine radio with a minimal expense
  • There are many different circumstances when you may need help while boating:
  • What agency to contact if you are on your boat and you need assistance –  the Coast Guard my not be the right agency to contact all the time. The Coast Guard is mainly concerned with life threatening  events and search and rescue on the water.
    • example – would you call the Army if a cat was stuck in a tree (no you would call a neighbor or the fire department ).  Getting the wrong agency may take up resources that may need to be used in more appropriate situations.  Currently these agencies do not have adequate access to the marine environment; PSOIP gives them that access.

Above are just some of the issues that having  a PSOIP System in your community solves.  The PSOIP  simplifies all the above  issues. Let us worry about the technical issues of communications.

How Do I Help Offset The Costs Of My Current High-site

Join with the PSOIP Team at ED2 and we will show you how to connect your system to our system. In the next few pages we have different models of PSOIP Systems that would be appropriate for the size of the coastal marine environment are you are responsible for. We have models for the smallest towing company, marina, etc.. with a small amount of coast to the largest entity with hundreds of miles of coastline to cover.

How The PSOIP System Is Sold

All PSOIP Systems are Chartered out instead of sold. There is an up-front cost, then a monthly fee. This method is in place to help you maintain your cash flow.(We are always upgrading and making sure the system is maintained).  Only very small systems can be directly purchased.

Our First System is:

Basic ROIP High-site For Your Office Location

Our Second System is:

Best Seller – Repeater High-Site Located at A Tower Or High Building – Accessed Through Handheld, Mobile, Cell Phone, Computer or Tablet

Our Largest System is:

Largest System For Clients who Have Very Large Amounts Of Coastline To Cover

We also have less expensive analog systems that still offer many of the features of the larger systems. We even have used older systems that have been refurbished.


Operating the PSOIP Systems are easy. ED2 has taken out the complex technical stuff and maintenance of a radio system to make it easier for you to concentrate on your clients.

Naples PSOIP

                                                             The Naples PSOIP Site